Biocorneum® Scar Gel

Biocroneum scar cream gel

Biocorneum® is FDA cleared scar cream with Silishield™ technology plus SPF 30 protection. Biocorneum® scar gel is effective in preventing post-op scarring and treating old scars. Studies have shown that 70-85% of patients and physicians reported improvements of symptoms when treated with silicone scar gel. Biocorneum® is physician scar treatment and only sold by qualified physicians.

Biocorneum scar cream treatment

Directions For Use

  • At suture removal, apply a small amount of Biocorneum® twice daily to your scar for 12 weeks
  • One “pea sized” drop is enough for a 3 inch scar
  • Massage the gel into your scar

biocorneum scar cream

Recommended Sizing for 12 week program

biocorneum sizing