Massage – Auburn Med Spa

Relaxing and healing modality is an essential addition to health and wellness. Our licensed therapists offer a range of treatments for your well-being. We offer 60 and 90-minute services.

Swedish 90/135

Deep Tissue 100/150

Sea Holistic 95/135

PreNatal 75

Exfoliating Body Glow 65

Body Firming Wrap 95

Full Body Detoxifying Mud Wrap 150


Relaxing Swedish Massage – Deliberate, long, smooth strokes encourage release of muscle tension and increased circulation. Allow your body to escape into a warm, balanced state of relaxation and awareness. More information.

Deep Tissue Massage – Strong, steady pressure is applied working deeper into specific muscle layers for help in releasing tension. Increased circulation promotes a healthy flow of energy and invigoration. More information.

Prenatal Massage –  Therapy specifically tailored for the expectant mothers’ needs. More information.

Exfoliating Body Glow – The organic salt blend sloughs off dead surface skin cells and smooths rough patches while unclogging pores and leaving the skin with an overall glow.

Body Firming Wrap A refreshing gel is generously applied to the whole body before it is wrapped to assist with the diffusion of the ingredients into the skin in order to firm and tighten tissues. More information.

Detoxifying Mud & Seaweed Body Wraps – Helps rid your body of toxic chemicals and improves the body’s ability to flush out toxins internally by improving lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. More information.

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