What does LATISSE® do?
• Increase the number of natural eyelashes
• Make eyelashes grow longer and thicker
• Increase the melanin production which makes eyelashes naturally darker

What is LATISSE®?
LATISSE® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%) is a prescription solution that is used for the treatment of hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes).

Is LATISSE® safe?
LATISSE® is FDA approved for women with inadequate eyelash growth and has been proven both safe and effective for growing longer more luscious lashes. LATISSE ® should only be used under the close care of your doctor. The most common side effects are itchy eyes and/or eye redness. Dr. Aquadro will be glad to discuss LATISSE ® in-depth during your consultation.

How do I use LATISSE®?
The recommended dosage is one application nightly to the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of the lashes only. Do not apply to the lower lashes. Once nightly, clean your face, remove makeup, and contact lenses. Remove an applicator from the tray and place one drop of LATISSE ® on the area closest to the tip of the brush (see Illustration). Immediately draw the applicator carefully across the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of the eyelashes (See Illustration). Dispose of the applicator after one use. Repeat for the opposite upper eyelid margin using a new sterile applicator.

latisse eyelashes
latisse directions

What if I miss a dose?
Just apply LATISSE ® solution as normal the next evening. “Doubling up” will not increase the growth of your eyelashes more than once a day use.

LATISSE® is a prostaglandin analog, indicated to treat hypotrichosis of the eyelashes by increasing their growth including length, thickness, and darkness.

The most common adverse reactions (incidence approximately 3% – 4%) are eye pruritus, conjunctival hyperemia, and skin hyperpigmentation.

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