Phytomer Body Treatments

Sea Holistic Massage – A unique exfoliating, relaxation experience that seduces the senses and imparts exquisite silky skin. Marine oil and salt gently polish the skin, while steamed, fragrant linen bundles filled with Marine Salt Crystals and Lavender buds, deliver warmth throughout the massage. The massage movements combined with pressure points and stretching will unwind areas of tension and restore balance to the entire body.

Self Heating Full Body Mud Wrap – A true treat, our Phytomer Self Heating Mud wrap is a luxurious detoxification treatment like no other. This unique and exclusive thermal marine mud helps relieve congestion and nourish the tissue. Once mixed with room temperature water the mud gently begins to heat up, simultaneously soothing the nerves and muscles. As the heat increases, so does the activity of the product, with millions of little bubbles performing a micro-massage helping to absorb every trace of tension, and improve tissue function. This remarkably relaxing full-body wrap can intensely improve the condition of your muscles and tissue from head to toe. Our Phytomer Self Heating Mud can also be used in specific local areas as an add on to any of our massage services.

Phytomer Body Firming Wrap – Another exceptional Phytomer body treatment is our Body Firming Wrap. Seatonic, a highly active gel wrap, is applied and then massaged into the skin in order to firm and tighten tissues and combat skin slackening. The refreshing gel is generously applied to the whole body before it is wrapped to assist with the diffusion of the marine ingredients, which include saccharide that protects and restructures the collagen and elastin fibers, and chlorella which stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, restoring skin elasticity. The addition of Phytomer’s Oligoforce Firming Enforcement Serum increases the effectiveness of this body wrap and re-mineralizes the epidermis.  A total body massage provides a pleasant, refreshing finale to this experience.  The results are your body is firmed and toned, with optimal results being seen after a series of treatments.

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